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Sos flyer


Being a Intern with SOS

Being at Intern with SOS

I think working in the garden is interesting and fun . I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t know before . For example there are different ways to plant. Working in the garden has impacted me in a large way because it made me more of a caring individual and I care about the earth more than I did before working with summer solutions.
It’s really important for me to apart of the garden because it feels like I’m actually making something happen . Showing people there’s more to gardening then they think . It feels good knowing I can make something come to life with my two hands .

– Monet Rivera

Cleaning up

Cleaning up

Last Friday SOS Hartford spent 6 hours in the garden, Tidying the space for the community. Putting compose in all the raise beds as well as picking up trash, and planting foods and flower. We are so excited for the nice weather! Come and volunteer at the Wesley Cobert Zion St Garden 3:30 – 5:30 Mondays and Wednesdays.

Working w/ Burns School

Working w/ Burns school

The Burns school team moved 4 yards of compost without a wheelbarrow! Getting ready to plant with kindergarteners this week!!!

Wesley Colbert Zion St Community Garden

Wesley Colbert Zion St Community Garden

Preparing are community garden for our neighbors. Creating available space is fun and exciting especially if you find roots as big as this one



This week was Summer of Solutions Hartford’s first week with our brand new internship. We had a blast. Spent day one with a meet and great. But then we day 2 was all about getting dirty. Here is our Zion St interns cleaning the community garden companied by good weather

We’ve got a flashy new flyer!

SoS Poster With Tabs

Here’s our new outreach flyer, designed by Graham Sternberg. We think it’s pretty snazzy.

If you’re inspired by our cool graphics, you can follow this link to apply to join us this summer:


Reason #57 Why I love el Jardín de Zion St

Reason #57 Why I love el Jardín de Zion St

Our neighbor’s cat likes to hang out with her kittens in the back of the garden, where they’re protected by lots of tall plants