Our Partnerships

The following organizations have supported our work with Summer of Solutions Hartford

and the Urban Farming Internship Program:

Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance

Billings Forge Community Works

Knox Parks

Hartford Areas Rally Together

The Somali-Bantu Community Development Center

The Hartford Food System

COMPASS Youth Collaborative 

Annie Fisher Montessori School 

Moylan Montessori School 

McDonough Elementary School 

Connecticut River Academy 

Goodwin College 

Peace Builders 

Burns Latino Studies Academy 

Connecticut Food Systems Alliance  

Connecticut Coalition on Food Policy 

Asian Studies Academy 

Highcrest Elementary School 

Hartford Public Library YouMedia Center 

Billings Forge Community Works

We are thankful to the following organizations for recognizing our work: 

The Connecticut Food Security Awards 

Health Justice Connecticut Challenge 

Davis Prize for Peace 

We are grateful to the following foundations and businesses for donating

to support Summer of Solutions Hartford: 

Hampshire Foundation 

Berkshire Bank

Forest Foundation FF Ventures

COMPASS Youth Collaborative

Deupree Family Foundation 

Newman’s Own Foundation 

Cohn, Birnbaum, and Shea

Captain Planet Foundation 

Simply Organic Fund 

Whole Foods 

New England Grassroots Environmental Fund 

Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc

Carling Technologies 

Rand-Anastasiades LLC

Donors Choose 

The City of Hartford 


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