Join Our Team this Spring!


While we may still be dealing with surprise snowstorms outside, here at Summer of Solutions Hartford we are preparing for spring! That means we are opening up opportunities to join our team through the Urban Farming Internship. As an intern in the program, you will dedicate 10 hours per week to building and maintaining urban gardens in Hartford and participating in a leadership development workshop series with the rest of the team. The internship pays $12/hour. You can apply here.

We are looking for a team of committed and enthusiastic interns, ages 16-30 to join the program in 2018. We need people with all different skill sets, including people with experience in agriculture, landscaping, leadership, anti-oppression, teaching, working with children, or in the arts, media, and cooking!

13118968_1078453055560409_8226649585224473515_nThis year we are hosting three 10-week internships. Session 1 runs from April 6-June 14. Session 2 is June 15-August 23. Session 3 is August 24- November 2. You have the option to apply to any one, two, or all three internship sessions. You may be accepted to one, two, or all three of the sessions you apply to.

Do you like the outdoors? Are you interested in growing your own food? Do you want to be a part of a diverse team? Are you excited about learning something new? Give it a shot! You don’t need to have gardening or leadership experience to apply, you’ll learn that here! The application is your chance to tell us why you’re a good fit.


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