From Farm to My Table

Before working at Summer of Solutions, I didn’t know much about the food system. I knew food grew in the ground and I can buy it at the grocery store but the steps in between were a little fuzzy. Every Friday at our workshop we learn something new about the things we consume every day. Did you know that your produce tastes better when it is sourced locally? Or that they ripen tomatoes with gases in order to make them red? Some of our vegetables come all the way from Mexico! I started to think “Why would I want an apple from another country if I can just get one from Connecticut?”

Soon, I sought out places where I could buy produce that was grown just a few miles away from me! Apples, peaches, strawberries, corn, and blueberries were just a few towns away. Even better news was finding out that I can buy all of these things in Hartford at the Farmers’ Market. I only knew about one or two of the markets in Hartford but after I started looking around I found out that Hartford has seven!

by Tashae


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