Session 2 Begins!

This year, the Urban Farming Internship is split into three 10-week sessions, spring, summer, and fall. We made this change to accommodate people with different schedules, such as high schools students, or parents who can only work while their children are in school. Interns had the option to apply to 1, 2, or all 3 sessions. We ended Session 1 on June 4th, and five of our interns, Drashawn, Chloe, Nyrieka, Bishar, and Nichol, stayed on for Session 2. We welcomed five new interns, Jesse, Morgan, Nyah, Sakinah, and Derek, at Session 2 Orientation on June 10th.


The Session 2 team!

We played some name games, filled out boring paperwork, and then made seed bombs, lead by Nichol!

We like to start the program with a group work day, before our interns break off into smaller teams to work on their garden sites. So, we all met up on Saturday afternoon at the Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden. Our new interns were such great sports as it rained for the whole. four. hours.

We signed up neighbors for new raised beds, transplanted peppers, collected some mulberries, cleared overgrown branches, and spent 10 minutes huddled in the shed to wait out a particularly aggressive downpour. One of our intern’s dads volunteered with us for the day to help weed-whack the back of the lot. Of course, as these things go, the sun came out in the last 20 minutes of our workday.


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