We are delighted to share great news about our spring campaign for Summer of Solutions Hartford. Every month, employees from GoFundMe nominate their favorite projects on the site for consideration for their Give Back award. Brian, a GoFundMe employee, was inspired by our work after watching a talk by Will Allen, an urban farming activist. He nominated us to receive a $1,000 contribution from GoFundMe. All of the nominations were reviewed by a committee, and they selected our project as the winner!

Imagine my surprise when I saw a $1,000 donation appear on our page! 
{We’re as happy as people holding baby goats}
Their contribution brings our total to $4,660, or 103.5% of our original goal, and we are overjoyed. Our page will be active and accepting contributions until May 31st. Any additional donations will be allocated to our school gardens at the Burns Latino Studies Academy and the Connecticut River Academy to support youth interns working on those teams.
Remember, 2015 donors who increase their contribution will be entered into a raffle to win a basket of fresh produce, and first-time donors will receive an individual serving of mint tea grown in the Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden.
You can make a donation to Summer of Solutions in two ways:

1)   Contribute to our online Go Fund Me campaign

2)   Mail a check to our fiscal sponsor, made out to New England Grassroots Environment Fund. Write “Summer of Solutions Hartford” in the memo line and mail to:PO Box 611, Newmarket NH 03857

Thank you all for your support and for sharing this success with us!

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