Throwback Thursday

{This post originally appeared June, 2015}

We are just about half way through out 2015 Urban Farming Internship and the time is flying by. Last week, we organized a Friday Workshop around exploring the role social  media plays for Summer of Solutions. Everyone worked in groups to write updates for the blog about what we have been working on so far this year!

Here are their updates, below:

The Greenhouse 


Summer of Solutions Hartford built a greenhouse at the Burns Elementary School on April 25th. It was funded by the Deupree Family Foundation.

The first day of building the greenhouse, a group of Aetna employees were on hand and they helped us out. The greenhouse is almost finished and almost up and running. There are pots of seeds started in it .

Bike Share Program

Summer of Solutions Hartford now has a bike share program. We lend bikes to the people in our programs. It helps them travel better throughout the greater Hartford area.

So Much Compost 


On Zion Street there is a lot of compost and dirt, thanks to Harvest Power New England. They delivered two trucks full of dirt and compost to us. We are mixing this dirty plus compost to fill beds up. That way we can help the plants grow.

Giving Away Seeds and Beds

Summer of Solutions Hartford every year gives away free seeds and raised beds to anyone who wants a bed at the Zion Street garden. We have different varieties of seeds  to give away to people and pretty soon we are going to give away free seedlings to people. These free seeds come from wonderful donations from Comstock, Ferre & Co, and Charles Hart Seed Company.


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