The first 10-week session of our Urban Farming Internship program started on April 1st! We welcomed 8 interns to the program, some returning for their second or third season, and many new faces!

We played some name-games and developed team norms with our new group. Of course, we also talked about what to expect from the program, read through policies, and filled out the necessary paperwork. But this is a gardening program, so we couldn’t spend the whole afternoon on paperwork. We had to make time to get in the dirt!


Drashawn, an intern who graduated the program in 2015, taught the group how to make seed bombs. We chose a variety wildflower seeds that grow well in this climate. First, you mix soil and compost. Then, you slowly add water until the dirt will keep its form. You roll it into a ball, and then poke a hole in it and add the seeds. Finally, you pinch the hole closed and let the seed bomb dry. After a few days in a sunny window, they will be hard on the outside and we can throw them into vacant lots to spread flowers all around Hartford!


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