A Wonderful Day At SoulFire Farm

It was a beautiful day being met of the bus and onto the farm. Being asked to choose any plant vegetable or fruit that best reflects you. I choose a unripened raspberry, simply because I wasn’t at my full potential in understanding what good a farms purpose was besides fresh milk and eggs! Well to my knowledge 90% of what I eat comes from a farm from dairy to veggies meat and often juice/cider. As we were greeted into a meet/greet circle to explain what we choose and why, we played a little question games that had us changing our seats as we did a lesson on what’s helps plants and soil produce and what take nutrient’s out of the soil. Later we did another exciting lesson on ownership of farms. Some people had there land stripped from them or was just simply forced to pack up and leave. Further into the years some of the families received large amounts of money while others were left empty handed. Later on in the day at SoulFire Farm we toured the property to gather information on planting groups of vegetables that worked together on fighting off certain bugs and protecting each other. Then we enjoyed tacos(white rice, refried beans and a fresh green salad with freshly picked raspberries). As the trip comes to an end we were invited to participate in seed bombing. Seed bombing is pretty awesome, its made by half clay and half soil formed with water into a ball shape. Then u gently push your finger down the center making a hole to insert the seeds. Last but not lease you air dry the seed bombs pick a destination and toss the seed bomb into desired destination and watch em grown through out time.


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