Garden Opening at Highcrest Elementary School

IMG_20150927_134814133_TOPOn September 27th, 2015 40 parents, children, and staff gathered outside Highcrest Elementary School in Wethersfield for the groundbreaking of a new school garden. The garden is the beginning of an educational agriculture project at Highcrest in partnership with Summer of Solutions Hartford.

IMG_20150927_131749258To start off the day, we worked with the kids to decorate 4 raised beds with blue and green handprints. Then, the parents assembled the beds, lined them with landscaping fabric, and filled them with compost and topsoil. As we finished filling the beds, the kids planted garlic, kale, and parsnips.

IMG_20150927_142625204This time of year, there aren’t a lot of options for fall planting, so we put a few colder-weather crops in the ground and crossed our fingers for a late frost! Come spring, when our interns start working in the classrooms at Highcrest, we’ll plant spring crops with the students.

This project was the result of a great team of parents and staff, including parents Andrea Aglieco and Carrie Rand-Anastasiades and Principal John Bean. We are very grateful to the families and staff that joined us for the groundbreaking


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