Apple Picking at Belltown Orchards!

After a successful fundraiser on Tuesday, we used a little bit of the cash from our raffle to take our team apple picking at Belltown Hill Orchards! We visited Belltown earlier this summer at the tail end of blueberry season to pick buckets and buckets of delicious blueberries.

This Friday, during our usual Friday Workshop time, we drove out to Glastonbury again in the hopes of racing an oncoming thunderstorm and picking apples before the downpour. (Spoiler alert: we failed).

IMG_20151009_154239131_HDRJust moments after we arrived, the sky opened up. It started pouring, but we decided to wait it out inside Belltown’s farm store.

It rained for about 20 minutes, which we spent admiring a diverse array of gourds that they had for sale. We also broke down and ate ice cream.

With fear in our hearts that we would get stuck in another downpour, we finally set out to actually pick apples! We split our harvest at the end, and everyone took home a big bag of apples. Pie, anyone?


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