Be a Pizza our Success

12115661_944502668955449_643321569190097737_nLast Tuesday, we hosted a fundraiser at Flatbread Co in Canton. Flatbread hosts fundraisers every week for local nonprofits. They donate a portion of their proceeds from every pizza sold to the organization and provide space in the front of the restaurant for informational tables. If you work with a local nonprofit and are interested in holding a fundraiser there, you should reach out!

We had such an amazing event on Tuesday that I almost completely forgot to take pictures! So many great friends, family members, and supporters came out to support us. We had the chance to introduce partners from 4 or 5 years ago to our current interns and spend many wonderful hours socializing over pizza. Here are the few photos I found a moment to take. Feel free to email with any you took and I will add them!

We are very grateful to everyone who donated items to our raffle, which was a huge success. We raised $260 from the raffle alone, thanks to:

Sea Tea Improv

Hartford Hot Several

Lady Ashley Designs

Hartbeat Ensemble

NoRA’s Cupcakes

Black Eyed Sally’s

Steve Shapiro

Paul Parker

The Mark Twain House

Community Solutions

Studio 860


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