My Window

     My name is Tashae and I live in Hartford in the Blue Hills Avenue neighborhood. My sister Tenaya is a program coordinator at Summer of Solutions and introduced me to the program. I have no experience working with nature or gardening, but when she told me we were going to be working with children I was excited. The children that we work with are so funny and you learn a lot from them. They are really great at working together as a team and helping each other out, something that many of us can work on.image000000_2
     My team works at the Zion Street site on Fridays and there is always work to do there to keep you busy! I had no idea where to start so I just got my hands dirty and went from there (later I purchased gloves to lessen the mess). Soon things that I put in the ground started to sprout to my surprise. I could not believe it! I’m a very city girl and I grew kale! I decided to start my own garden at home despite the fact that I live in a small apartment with no outdoor space.
    With seeds and compost in hand I started my windowsill garden by planting kale, mint, and nasturtium. Turns out the plants love my neighborhood and they all grew rapidly! Now before I leave home for my internship I water and prune my plants. I have not one but two windowsills that are bursting with life. They are a vibrant addition to my apartment and a tasty one as well!

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