The YouMedia’s Window Garden!!!

We have been planning to build a window garden in the Hartford Public Library’s You Media Center for two months now. We have been collecting material such as bottles and rope to succeed at this project. Our next step is to build a stable window garden made out of glass bottles. We have learn how to cut the glass bottles with a glass cutter, a burning candle and ice. We try to communicate with the teens so they can learn how to plant fruits and vegetables. I think once we start planting the teens will be more interested in our garden because they will actually see what we are doing instead of us trying to explain it to them.

Next week we will be starting the four week series, where we participate in food justice activities with the teens at the library. The highlights of the series will be completing the bottle garden, then planting the seeds in the garden. After we complete the garden the next challenge will be hanging it up and securing it. During the four week series our goal is to help education the teens in the YouMedia Center about sustainable living; with crops that they can grow their selves. We will eventually help the YouMedia Center sell their crops for fundraising purpose.


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