5 Senses at Burns!

This fall, we’ve resumed our kindergarten class at the Burns Latino Studies Academy! Their kindergarten science curriculum revolves around learning about the world with the 5 senses, so we designed our gardening curriculum to supplement it.

For one month, I’ve been teaching Burns kindergarteners gardening every Friday. Every time I’m there I’m surprised and honored that playing in the garden with kids gets to be my job! This is what we’ve done so far in our four lessons:


  1. Touch! We started by learning about the garden with our sense of touch. The kids picked leaves from the garden and then made leaf rubbings of leaves with different textures and shapes.


2.   Sight! To learn about sight, the whole class went outside and we talked about tomato anatomy in the garden. They   identified the stems, leaves, fruit, and flowers. Then, we went back inside and glued together and colored a tomato plant collage- like a puzzle


3.    Smell! First, we picked and ripped up mint leaves to make a mint tea. Then, all the kids went outside and picked basil from the garden. We set up “smell stations” inside where the kids could move around and smell basil, mint, and hot peppers, and practice writing the names of the plants. At the end of the class, we got to try our very own mint tea!


4.   Taste! In the fourth week, we made salad to explore the garden with our sense of taste. All the kids picked greens from the garden. We also used this opportunity to thin carrots, which the kids found quite exciting! We made a salad inside with kale, swiss chard, sweet peppers, carrots, and tomatoes!


5.   Week five we’ll be talking about hearing! Check back in the spring for our weather-based lessons!


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