House of Hayes Family Farm: A Photo Journal


On Monday, the generous folks at House of Hayes Family Farm welcomed us to their dairy farm and gave us a tour of their operations. Our first stop was the greenhouse where young calfs are raised. Here is the youngest calf eating Sonsharae’s jacket.


The older calfs are socialized in bigger pens together. Here’s Ivan sneaking them a treat.


We spent a while inside the greenhouse petting cows and learning about their life cycles.


Next, we went to the cow barn. The cows have free access to open pasture, but because it was hot out many were taking advantage of the shade inside. Here, farmers Stanley and Dorothy told us about their dairy operation, which has been in their family for generations.


Next, we went to the goat barn, where a few dozen goats were hanging out. We were introduced to their oldest male goat, who had a very impressive beard. Then, Stanley and Dorothy’s daughter brought out the baby goats. Here is Molly with a 2 day old goat!


This is the pen outside the goat’s barn. They have two breeds of goats-  you can see both breeds in this photo (there’s one of the brown ones on the lefthand side).


We passed around two baby goats and took turns holding them.


They were surprisingly patient with us passing them around! The Hayes raise goats and use their milk to support their dairy business, Sweet Pea Cheese.


Here’s Dylan returning the baby goats to their mom.


Our team outside the farm.


Before we left, Stanley brought four goats into the milking room and taught us his goat milking technique.


We took turns trying our hand at milking goats (with mixed success!)


Lastly, Stanley showed us the processing room where they make cheese and yogurt and pasteurize their milk. They sell their products at farmers market, and right here on the farm!


And of course, we took a team photo before heading home.

Thanks for hosting us House of Hayes!


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