A Pizza Story

By Dat, Program Leader at the Moylan Motessori School


On the morning of August 1st, our team of 5 dedicated our hard work, muscles and skills to assemble a raised bed and filled it up with soil for the growing seedlings. The weather was nice and breezy. The soil was moist and smelly. After about 10 bags, the bed was caked with nutritous soil. It was such a lovely day for us to be outside.


The week before we were teaching the school students to sow seeds in mini-pots, most of which are squashes, beans and beets. The kids were very enthusiastic to cultivate the soil for the tiny seeds. We were really glad to have such a good group because the students followed the instructions and handled the seeds very gently. This time the kids were with us to check on the growth progress of the plants and we were ready to transfer them into bigger beds. Everyone was happy with their plants.


After we got the work done, the school staff treated us with delicious pizza. Tired and hungry, we all felt warm and touched by their generousity. Gulping down the slices of pizza, I believed everyone’s spirit was lifted because of not only this pleasant surprise, but also the great progress that we had made at the garden.

We are now always excited for future projects with the school and the students!


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