Our Community Garden on The Rise


As we approach the ending of our seventh week of Hartford Summer of Solutions, the participants have a lot to brag about. A lot of hard work, dedication and efforts have shown in their commitment to show their community the importance of gardening.  They made a huge turn around in the appearance of the Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden and attracted a lot of attention.  They also did an excellent job with passing on the knowledge they gained from their work, various trainings, and activities to their family, friends and people in their community.


The participants really put their best foot forward when they stepped into the community garden on Zion Street. Their work was definitely cut out for them with having 120 beds with only about 40 already claimed by the members of the community. Weed whacking and weeding, mowing and sewing (seeds that is), shoveling and raking, their work was cut out for them. Every day was a work in progress, which ended in great results.  There are vegetables and fruits growing. There are herbs that have been harvested already. The garden has been doing amazing.


This team pulled together with one goal in mind, making our garden shine. And shine is what it did. The turn around stopped a lot of people in their tracks to question what is this group of youth doing in this lot?  People asked questions and the participants were able to answer them. They are so proud of the attention they have attracted and the education they are able to pass on.


Having worked on such a large garden has broadened the perception of what food justice is all about to these participants and has left a great impression that will stick with them for a life time.


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