Building Nothing into Something



     Solo, Shawna, Khari, and Ivan planting beds at the Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden during Training Week.

          Summer of 2013 Hartford Summer of Solutions brings youth from the city of Hartford and surrounding towns together.  They are taking on the challenge of becoming an active participant in their community by turning school and community gardens upside down to engage in food justice.



Pam, Sophie, Christiana, and Molly working on flyers for the Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden during Training Week


            The participants visit four gardens and a green house where they will be working at through the summer. Zion Street is one of the biggest gardens and holds 120 beds. These beds are offered to the community to plant their own produce. Annie Fisher and also Burns Elementary Schools each have a garden along the side of their school.  Annie Fisher and Burns school students learn the importance of food justice and eating healthy by actively partaking in the growing and caring of their gardens. The participants will also take on a green house project at the Asian Studies Academy and work on beds in the garden of the Connecticut River Academy.


IMG_0174Minny and Molly hurrying to transplant tomatoes at the Anne Fisher Garden before a storm rolls in.          

             With all this the summer of 2013 participants anticipate on giving back to their community while making an incredible difference. By gaining education and experience of actually planting and maintaining gardens, they can pass on their knowledge to family members, friends and their communities about food justice and what SOS is all about.



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