Happy Mother’s Day

Last week, I had the following conversation with my mom.

  • Mom, I’m mailing 2,000 worms to your house. They should come next week. Can you feed them when they get there?
  • You’re….you’re what?
  • I’m making worm bins with my homeschool gardening class and I can’t get the worms mailed to the school mail room, so I had them shipped to your house.
  • Do you hate me? 
  • I’ll make up a plastic container of bedding, and you can just dump them in when they arrive.
  • I do not like this. What do you feed them? Are you sure that box is big enough? Will they be squished? 

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I’d like to say thank you, Mom, for caring for the worms I sent to your house.

      Thank you for letting us build raised beds for the Zion Street Community Garden in your garage and for feeding my team dinner when we were done. Thank you for weeding with me on work days, for helping me clean the program house, for running craft activities for our summer camp, for flooding your facebook with our links, for looking over my grant applications, and for bringing Wes’ favorite broccoli salad to every potluck.

      Thanks for being a part of Summer of Solutions for the past three years. Thanks for having my back all the time.


My mom, watering the seedlings she is growing in her dinning room for the Burns School and  Zion Street Community Gardens.



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