Announcing our Spring Fundraising Campaign on IOBY!

Today we launched a 30 day campaign to raise $4,000 on to support young people who want to dedicate their summers to working with Summer of Solutions Hartford!

Summer of Solutions Hartford’s IOBY Campaign 

We have so many wonderful applicants this year, and we’re excited to invite them to join our program and spend their summers immersed in food justice; learning about urban agriculture, home sustainability, leadership development, and healthy cooking.

Every participant will work for at least 20 hours/ week in one of our urban community or school gardens, caring for the plots and helping neighbors and students grow healthy, fresh food in the city, in addition to 20 hours/week of volunteering, workshops, and community events!

Can you help us raise $4,000 for need-based stipends by donating to our campaign today? You can donate here!

Any amount you can contribute will be appreciated. You can also help by spreading word of the campaign to your friends on social media! We will publishing regular updates about our campaign status via our twitter @SoSHartford until it ends on May 27th!

Thank you so much for your support. We’re looking forward to an incredible summer with our brilliant team of local youth leaders.

ImageTiara, SoS Participant 2012


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