Spring at the Burns School Garden

This spring, I (Jennifer) am teaching gardening classes to the Burns Latino Studies Academy kindergarten- 3rd graders. Last week, I taught Miss Jacob’s class about vermiculture. The outdoor classroom at Burns has a worm bin so that we can compost garden scraps.

Miss Jacob’s class made posters to put over the worm bins so that other students would know how to take care of them, and what they did and did not like to eat.


Each student colored in a picture to contribute to the posters.


Then, they matched their pictures to words on the posters and glued them on.


Here are the finished products!


Then, everyone ripped up newspaper to make bedding for the worm bin.


The students took turns holding worms from the bin and observing their behavior and characteristics.

Miss Knorr’s classroom has a big window with lots of sun, so they are growing beans in their classroom!

First, we learned a song about seeds and everything they need to grow. Then, we went outside, and each student got a seed tray.


First, the students filled their trays with a potting soil mix.


Then, they got 6 bean seeds to plant in their trays. They will record the height of the seedlings and their watering schedule, and draw observations of their growth in a seedling journal for the next few weeks.


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