(You Can) Share the Good! {for free!}

Summer of Solutions Hartford is applying for the “Share the Good” grant from Seeds of Change. The $10,000 grant would support our team of Program Leaders to organize the third summer of SoS Hartford, where we will be working with a team of over 20 young people from Hartford on five community urban agriculture projects!

The grant is decided on a point system, and we can get 10 points (10% of the total available) by receiving nominations from individuals.

Can you take a minute to nominate Summer of Solutions Hartford to win a $10,000 Share the Good grant? Here is the link to nominate us: http://seedsofchangefoods.com/sharethegood/default.aspx

The form is very simple, and I’ve outlined it below:

First, your Personal Information: (Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number) 

Then, our Organization Information: 

Community Farm, Garden, or Organization Name: Summer of Solutions Hartford 

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip Code: 06106

Proprietor Name: Jennifer Roach

They are accepting nominations until NOVEMBER 30.

Thank you so much for your time! We will keep you updated when we hear the results of our application!


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