Summer of Solutions Hartford was fortunate enough to host 50+ young people- activists, program leaders, participants, friends, supporters- from all across the United States at the end of August. Programs from Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Stuttgart, Oakland, Massachusetts, Seattle, Portland and Wisconsin were all represented in Hartford for one week. We all gathered together to reflect on our experiences, to share our successes and our challenges, to think of new ideas and refine old ones, and to create new bonds of solidarity.

We also invited Hartford Councilman Ken Kennedy to join us for a short discussion about Hartford’s history, political climate and efforts to fight environmental racism.

During the week, we were able to invite our guests to visit and work at our garden sites on Zion St and at the Burns School.  August Gathering attendees weeded out Zion Street, harvested tomatoes, cleaned up at the Burns school and finished constructing an outdoor classroom for Burns students.

Thanks for all of your help, and come back to Hartford anytime!


(Title borrowed from SoS Twin Cities!)

I just got back to the Pioneer Valley from a week in Hartford, CT at the Grand Aspirations National Gathering.

Spending the past week in Hartford, CT with 50 other young leaders in the transition to a sustaining economy was re-affirming and joyful. I feel more connected than ever to other people across the country who are refusing to accept the standards options laid out for youth and community progress. While we all faced struggles and doubts during our summer programs, coming together this past week proved to me that collectively we are more powerful, knowledgeable and hold more potential than I can imagine.

A few of my highlights from the week:

  1. We’re learning our to sustain ourselves. I’m a food person. At gatherings I tend to take on some responsibility for making sure everyone gets feed well. This gathering had the biggest…

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