What We Did in 2012: RECAP

 Summer of Solutions Hartford End-of-Year Report

Program Mission: Summer of Solutions Hartford seeks to address both short-term and long-term causes of food injustice- systematic unequal access to good, affordable food- by training young leaders to work with Hartford communities building school and community gardens.


Our Network:

  • Raised over $20,000 in foundation grants and donations
  • Signed up 387 supporters on an email list for an online grant voting campaign
  • Won $10,000 with over 2,300 votes in 14 days
  • Brought 3,750 views to our website
  • Worked with 8 major local organizations and institutions

Our Team:

  • Participated in a 9 week Summer Program
  • Recruited 13 full-time and 10 part-time participants ages 15-23
  • Offered over $7,000 in need-based stipends to participating youth
  • Secured over $5,000 in state funds directed towards youth employment
  • Trained participants in urban agriculture, cooking, food preservation, social media and community organizing

Our Projects:

  • Re-opened the Zion Street Community Garden for its second operating year
  • Built two new school gardens and one new community garden
  • Grew over 15 varieties of fruits and vegetables
  • Ran regular garden programs for over 50 summer school students
  • Ran a free summer camp for over 20 children ages 6-12


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