Most Fun/Favorite Thing:

The best part of last week was our work day at the Zion St. garden. It was so much fun gardening with everyone and meeting the neighbors. The watermelon and mint iced tea that we brought along with us was a wonderful treat after lots of hard work! One of our neighbors, a 6 year old named Nino, especially liked the snack we brought. After our rest, Nino and I planted beans, basil and spinach seedlings. We both read about the proper spacing and conditions for each plant. Having Nino around always keeps our team entertained in spite of the heat!

One Thing you Learned About:

Climate Summer’s visit taught us a lot about environmental science, environmental justice and what actions we can take to raise awareness about the issues facing our climate. Climate Summer is a group of young people who bike around New England working with various communities who work to combat climate change. During Climate Summer’s visit at Summer of Solutions, they worked with us on our work sites and lead us through a brainstorm about climate change. Through working with them , I learned about the different approaches (such as community/grassroots organizing, policy reform, protests etc.) organizations can take towards environmental justice and climate change. It was interesting to work with a group whose goals are similar to ours, but a very different approach.


Most fun/Favorite Thing:

My favorite thing was when we had the potluck and we played with kids. We ate healthy food and met interesting  people who were having such a good time. We spoke to everyone about what we do as group in our neighborhood. As a group we all watered the garden and that was a good bonding experience for all of us.

One thing you learned about:

I learned how to work as a team and that together there is noting we can’t accomplish or get done. I learned how to make bread and how to plant seeds. And how to budget money.

Participant Stories


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