Chapter 3

Annie Fisher-

The Annie Fisher team started off the week with introductory lessons to our garden for the summer school students, who were ranging from age 3 to 10. In every section, the kids had a look at and learn about the plants growing in our gardens, as well as building a list of gardening rules by themselves! In addition to spending time with the hyperactive yet lovely kids , we now follow a brand new schedule of watering and taking care of beds around the school to make Annie Fisher as beautiful as possible.

This Tuesday and Wednesday, we encouraged and instructed the students to harvest basils to make their own pesto. The overheated weather suddenly became so pleasant and interesting, with kids running around sniffing, cutting, as washing basils. The only downside was that, according to the kids, the pesto doesn’t taste that good. Well….

And what were we doing when the kids weren’t there? More weeding!

Broad Street  –

Lamar, Solo and Kevin all work on broad St as a team and have accomplished  goals of building flower beds, filling it with soil. And progressing on gathering more of the community to join us in gardening  and be part of our society to change the climate  of our  community . and learn how to save our resources . The summer of solutions is going a make a change.were we live in differnt Eviroments.yes Inded watering to keep our crops alive througt  the heat wave this summer. Tempatures  80to 93 degrees  but still mange to work  every day. to save our crops.and we all work ass a team .and the best parts of our session of working were being team leader with the tools.

Burns School-

The Burns School project has had some unexpected hiccups. Today we finally finished building beds in front of the school. We intended on spending about a week making the beds and planting seedlings. Because we found the beds filled with bricks, glass and garbage, it’s taken nearly a month. A free donation found on Craigslist allowed us fill the pathways between each bed with wood chips, making it neater and safer for kids to work in! Thankfully, next week we plan to start building our “outdoor classroom” along with teachers and students. Over the next two days, our project group will design the space in collaboration with Burns teachers. We hope to have a school mural made by local artists, students and parents approved and finished at Burns.

Zion Street-

We are still catching up with weeds from the spring, but we finished clearing and cleaning one side of the Zion Street Community garden last Tuesday.  This past weekend we planted over 20 raised beds in the back of the garden with leafy greens, carrots, radishes, peas and beans.  We have also spent a great deal of time taking care of our many tomato plants- watering, staking, and pruning.  Now that one half of the garden has been cleared, we are spending most of our time working on the other side to clear the rest of the weeds.



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