Chapter 2: Getting into Gardening

Burns Latino Studies Academy: We ran into some trouble this week; when we tried to till the soil in this planter we discovered it was FULL of broken glass. Here is just a sample of some of the glass we pulled from the flower bed


After hours of hand picking glass out of the soil, we tilled and added compost so the soil went from looking like this


To this:


We also made future plans for the raised beds in the community garden associated with the school.


Zion St Garden: This past few weeks we did a LOT of weeding. When we came back at the beginning of the summer, the Zion street garden resembled a jungle more than a garden. There were weeds that were bigger than people.Image

It’s starting to look more and more like a garden every day. We planted tons of tomato seedlings and look forward to seeing them grow.


Annie Fisher: We hand-tilled part of a field, and put down soil on top of cardboard for something called “sheet mulching”

.ImageIt’s interesting to learn about the different types of  gardens you can start when the soil situation is tricky!

We’re also in charge of taking care of beds that were started before we came to the program.


Broad: We’ve built six more beds in the past few weeks. We planted a bunch and are about to harvest beans.


As a team we got a surprisingly large food donation and spent hours and hours into the night blanching and freezing so we can eat them into the summer.


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