Chapter 1: Training Week

So much has happened in Hartford since Summer of Solutions Hartford kicked off on June 15th! Now that I’ve had time to upload some photos, I’d like to take you through the story of our program, 3 weeks in:

Chapter 1: Training Week

We had a Training and Orientation Week from June 15th-22nd to orient our participants to the program and train them in important solutionary skills. For the first two days, we were hosted by Hartford Areas Rally Together and joined by Summer of Solutions Pioneer Valley. Together we learned about the green economy, environmental justice, and how our solutions-based work can change the game.

On Sunday we said goodbye to our friends from the Pioneer Valley and they went off to make great garlic scape pesto.

For the next five days, we worked at the Trinity Office of Community Relations. Some of the best sessions of the week were our guest presenters. Tara Parrish came to lead workshops on the history of Hartford, community organizing, and door-knocking.

Tom Sullivan from Pollinators Welcome taught us about building habitat for local pollinators into our garden spaces. He also generously donated many plants from his own garden to start us off!

We also heard from Martha Page from The Hartford Food System, Cary Wheaton from Billings Forge, and John Weedon from Foodshare, on a Food in Hartford panel. They shared their organizations’ missions and successes and all about the great work that inspires them.

We took some time during training week to learn solutionary life-skills, including preserving food! Thanks to Beckett Farms, we were able to learn how to blanch and freeze greens and squash, and make tons of zucchini bread!

On the last night, we intended to have a potluck, but instead this happened! – and so most people could not make it due to flash flooding!


So that’s training week! Look out for “Chapter 2: First week in the dirt” to be published soon!


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