Working with the Weather (dancing in the rain)

(The following is a blog post written by participants Tara, Drell, and Joe on the Monday following Training Week.  Since then we’ve added a heat wave to our list of weird weather experiences!) 

The weather in Hartford has been pretty ridiculous lately. Last week it was over 100 degrees for a couple of days, so we weren’t all too keen to be in the sun. Unfortunately we didn’t get to plant, but we spent the time inside getting to know each other through games like charades, wink wink murder, and we sang together.

On Friday, though, the weather changed. We were getting ready for our first potluck when it started pouring. Water came up past the sidewalk on Broad Street, and streets around Hartford County were closed. We were pretty happy, though, because our premature pollinator garden has been sitting out in the sun, in addition to over 100 tomato seedlings that we’re going to plant.

The sun eventually did come out again over the weekend, but on Monday the storms started up again. We’ve had to postpone our plans to plant the pollinator garden at Zion Street and pick up trash — but it’s a new week for SOS Hartford, and hopefully the weather will be good to us.


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