Planting Roots: Growing Food and Growing Friendships

by Donald, Caroline, and Solo – Participants 2012

photo: el Jardín de Zion St this May (Before the 8 foot monster weeds took over!) Image

Last week, we visited our four projects for the summer: Zion St., Broad St., Burns School, and Annie Fisher School. Out of all of the locations, Broad Street garden seems to be in the best condition. It looks so clean—the beds are neat, it’s green without any twigs, tires or trash. Broad Street is a goal that we can work towards for all of the others. But we see Zion St. Garden’s potential. If we look beyond the overgrowth of weeds and the trash that’s been collected there, we can see the improvements that can be made. The comparison of Broad Street to El Jardín de Zion Street shows the work that needs to be done to improve the space.

Despite the work that needs to be done, we can make the gardens better. With some cleaning we can make it better than what it is right now. The plants and vegetables that we can grow make you healthy; they’re good for you. If we plant vegetables, we can watch them grow. The Summer of Solutions program has already brought people together who may never have met. Over training week we met a lot of different people. If we work as a team we can accomplish anything. Hopefully by working on the Zion St. garden, the way people feel about our environment will start to change. Despite our differences, the gardens bring us together. Maybe in the future can use the vegetable gardens as a way to bring the community together. Not only this, but we can start to understand a new way of interacting with Hartford.




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