Meet our Projects

With less than one week to go until our program starts, we have been busy meeting with our project partners to plan for the summer ahead.  We are happy to announce that we will be working on Four different projects this summer, and would like to take this opportunity to introduce our partners and the work that we will be doing together.

1.   El Jardin de Zion Street: We are returning to Zion Street to work with members of the Frog Hollow and Somali-Bantu refugee communities to re-open El Jardin de Zion Street for its second year.  Over the past few months, we have constructed over 50 new beds, allowing the garden to offer over 100 beds to members of these communities to plant

2.   The Annie Fisher Montessori School Garden:  We have recently joined Annie Fisher, a local Montessori magnet school to help them with their new school garden.  We will be planting, cultivating and harvesting half an acre of their new garden over the summer, leaving the farm ready for students to return in September.  We are also going to organize an educational curriculum for summer school students and reach out to members of the surrounding neighborhoods to increase their involvement with the school garden and the school community.

3.   Broad Street Community Garden: We have also partnered with Trinity College to help them construct a new community garden on Broad Street in Frog Hollow and make garden beds available to Trinity’s neighbors.

4.   Burns Elementary School Garden: Lastly, we will be working with Frog Hollow’s Burns Latino Studies Academy Elementary School staff and students to build and plant a new school garden to provide hands-on education opportunities for students.  We are also partnering with Compass, a summer camp for Burns students, to create opportunities for young summer school students to participate in planting and cultivating the garden and offer them a hands-on educational experience.


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