May in the Garden

We’ve welcomed many new neighbors and volunteers to the garden this May.

As you may have seen, April was a busy month in el Jardín de Zion St. With the help of Public Allies, our neighbors, and Hartford Boy Scouts, we doubled the size of the garden by building 60 new raised beds. These beds will allow 60 more neighbors to grow food together!

But raised beds are pretty useless without healthy soil, so we had a lot of shoveling to do before the new boxes would be ready for action!

That’s why we hosted two workdays last week on May 12th and 16th with YEAH Hartford, Public Allies, and many neighbors and volunteers. I wanted to share some photos from the week so you could see the great progress we made.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help!

Public Allies after a long day of shoveling           Filling raised beds

Teamwork! YEAH Hartford!

Clearing weeds to place beds.                            YEAH Hartford decorating raised beds.

YEAH Hartford clearing the lot for new beds.               Wes and Sam raking soil.


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