If you build it, they will come

After two very fast weeks, the garden is nearly finished.  No, a garden is never finished.  But where two weeks ago there were two empty overgrown lots with piles of rubber tires, there are now two lots filled with over 50 raised wooden beds, nearly 200 tires, soil and hundreds of plants (especially tomato plants).

The camera loves community gardens

What has been most exciting for us has been the support and interest shown by all of our neighbors.  Many of our neighbors of all ages are outside in the garden throughout the day.  We even have an entire dirt-moving brigade, with shovelers, cart-pushers, cart-returners (our 4 year-old neighbor Christopher, who won’t let anybody else push his wheelbarrow) and people spreading the dirt with rakes.  Demand, as they say, was quite high, and no matter how many beds we continue to build, we’ve had a waiting list since day 2 of planting.

Everyone shovelingshovelingshoveling all day

Neighbors helping Joe fill beds

In fact, now that we are transitioning into the next stage of the program (what this is, we are still deciding, but it will involve lots of invitations, flyers, and so many free cans of paint) our neighbors and friends who have plots in the garden are now doing most of the work involved in upkeep.

Ramón staking tomatoes


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