With Love From Climate Summer

Posted By: Tara Escudero

The most lovely thing about traveling is not wanting to leave one place for another, not wanting to leave new friends.  My name is Tara and I had the privilege to meet and connect with many of the good people working on Summer of Solutions in Hartford.

I found them through my own travels with New England Climate Summer: a summer of biking with a team of four others to spread the message that we need to create a world not built upon fossil fuels.  We connect with communities, individuals, organizations, who are doing all sorts of different things to make that fundamental shift, and Summer of Solutions is a real and visionary step towards a better world.

We met in the beginnings of their project, we painted tires for raised beds and looked longingly at some empty lots that would soon be boasting an array of vegetables (land insurance red tape is still being worked out).  We cooked delicious meals and wandered Hartford’s streets at night, and truly felt like we could wake up and stare back at each day with passion and focus yet still be carefree.  I’ll think of Pablo’s tumbling words and laughter and Joe’s innocent frown while he’s cooking.  Jen is the organizing force behind the project, and Dan has the pensive wisdom and desire to explore unknown territory, like gardening.  And they have so many thoughts from different places, like Edie’s nurturing and practicality and Bishar’s roots in agriculture and perspective on our relationship with food.  I have great faith in their work and wish I could stay.

That is one of the more difficult things for me in traveling and organizing.  I want to stay in a community and watch it move around and within me, instead of coming and having brief experiences and working to make these connections grow without witnessing them.  Both kinds of relationships are essential, and I am glad that the people I met in Hartford have the opportunity to become part of their community, and I am glad for Hartford that they are there.  It is truly difficult for me to leave but I have hope and comfort in the people I am leaving here.


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