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Summer of Solutions Hartford, have been gathering ideas and a new approach to our 2015 internship that will be starting April 2015. We plan on having a group of interns of 4-7 come in and join us as we work in urban area building and maintaining schools and communities garden. Our application will be happening February – March of 2015. We are so excited for this new year. Keep in touch.

Summer of solution Hartford


If you participated in the Urban Farming Internship in 2014, here is the link to the end-of-year survey. Whether you participated for a few weeks or the whole season, your feedback is crucial to our planning next year. Please take some time to fill it out! Thank you!


Summer of Solution has ended our intern about 2 month ago. But we are not done working, our three program coordinators Jennifer Roach, Sonsharae Owens, and Tenaya Taylor have been working 15 hours/week writing grants and doing fundraisers to prepare for spring and getting ready to get a new group of internship. We will be excepting a 7/10 new interns. Our application will be opening in February and will be closing in March. Stay tuned for the link.

Ending Our Internship

Summer Of Solution 2014 internship has been infect since April. It was indeed a interesting journey far from our last few years. This year was extended and had more teams than usual. The experience was stable and fun. More friendships and experience was made this year than last year with Summer Of Solution.  We ended our program October 31, where the remaining interns and coordinators sat and made reefs for the holidays. Although we left the gardens until April our work is not done. Next year coordinators are focussing to make our program more sufficient. Doing so we are practicing leadership role to better train our interns next year. We are also looking for knew workshops to intrigue the interns and better ways to pay them. Our Application will be opening back up in February. We will be updating our blogs as much as we can.

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Did ya’ll know Garlic grows in the winter ?

Tuesday October 7th, 2014, SOS taught a mini out door lesson about garlic and how to grow it in the winter.

The kids was enthusiastic about it.

The link below shows step by step how to get garlic in the winter.

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (8)

Getting ready for Frost

Last thursday our Interns was working the Children from McDonough Expeditionary Learning School is helping us harvest some bean seeds as well as helping us harvest radishes, and then we made a salad for their class.

The  children from this school has a eager energy when it comes from working in the garden. photo 2 (6) photo 5


Summer of Solution Hartford is a branch of Grand Aspirations, a non profit youth leadership program. Last week we had a gathering in Minnesota. Where we met family members all across the world. From Chicago to Texas. Although we are not blood exactly, the bond build has become unstoppable.We shared so much with others, and inspired each other to go into the world and be fierce individuals for our communities. We ended the gathering with a “No- Talent Show” to welcome folks with talent of any sort. It is nothing but a space to be yourself in front your friends. We had many folks participate. On the stage was phenomenal singers, to beautiful poets, to extraordinary dancers, to eccentric comedians, even some mind blowing instrument players. It was just a times a happiness and laughter. Everyone and they no- talents will be truly remembered. Until next time my Grand Aspiration family.

 photo (2)

Learning at the Trash Museum

My team works at the Connecticut Trash Museum. This spring we built an exhibit displaying three strategies for growing food in small spaces using recycled materials. The idea is to inspire visitors who don’t have access to land at home to try out these affordable ideas to grow their own food.

IMG_4618I arrived one Friday morning to check in on our indoor garden exhibit and there were instructors and children taking a tour of the museum. Once they approached our exhibit the instructor began to comment on the plant and irrigation system. The student, on the other hand, commented on our use of recycled materials and our methods of upcycling. I was impressed by the younger students’ knowledge of recycling and I’m very proud to participate in Summer of Solutions in working to educate children about sustainability.

Garden Journey

photo 2 (4)

My name is Brina I’m an intern with Summer Solution We  have a garden at a high school called Connecticut River Academy. Where we weed , water and grow fruits and vegetables also making a cleaner safer environment for the high school. Recently we had crops and decided to take them to a homeless shelter. My favorite part about working at Connecticut River Academy site is the soothing view of the connecticut river. its soothing to me because i can work in a relax manner in the garden with a beautiful outlook. I remember first starting i thought the site was so amazing. Everything was well taken care of i was so excited to join and be apart of creating something for the high school.

Fantasticfest at the Zion Street Community Garden!

Summer of Solutions is a youth lead urban farming nonprofit based out of Hartford’s Frog Hollow neighborhood. Summer of Solutions creates internship opportunities for young people to build community and school gardens. By maintaining a total of seven gardens, Summer of Solutions teaches young people, as well as members of the community, how to grow and prepare their own food.

On Friday, July 25th from 5-7pm Summer of Solutions will be holding its first “Fantasticfest” which will be a celebration of food, family, and fun. The event, held at Summer of Solutions’ community garden on Zion Street, will also feature a live puppet show, scavenger hunt, and a visit from the Frog Hollow Fire Department. The organization will also be fundraising by selling hot dogs, snacks and handcrafted goods. The event will highlight fantastic seasonal produce, grown by Summer of Solutions interns, volunteers, and participants.


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