Cleaning up

Cleaning up

Last Friday SOS Hartford spent 6 hours in the garden, Tidying the space for the community. Putting compose in all the raise beds as well as picking up trash, and planting foods and flower. We are so excited for the nice weather! Come and volunteer at the Wesley Cobert Zion St Garden 3:30 – 5:30 Mondays and Wednesdays.

Working w/ Burns school

Working w/ Burns school

The Burns school team moved 4 yards of compost without a wheelbarrow! Getting ready to plant with kindergarteners this week!!!

Wesley Colbert Zion St Community Garden

Wesley Colbert Zion St Community Garden

Preparing are community garden for our neighbors. Creating available space is fun and exciting especially if you find roots as big as this one



This week was Summer of Solutions Hartford’s first week with our brand new internship. We had a blast. Spent day one with a meet and great. But then we day 2 was all about getting dirty. Here is our Zion St interns cleaning the community garden companied by good weather

Summer of Solutions becomes an all year program.

Starting April 1st. Our non-profit program expands. We are looking for 7-12 new interns to work in  urban agricultures.Working in our community garden and local schools in Hartford Connecticut. On winters day we are still busy, we’re getting ready to kick off our program, by preparing  leadership training for our up coming youths. We are super excited as Summer of Solutions takes on a new adventure. We might even change our name to something relevant and hip. Stay tuned! 


Link to apply for our internship:

Urban Farming Internship

Summer of Solution Hartford is hosting a 7-month internship in urban agriculture. We are looking for up to 12 interns to work with us in community and school gardens in Hartford. You can apply here!


We are looking for 12 young people (ages 14-30) to intern with our program this year. The internship commitment is 10 hours/week from April 1st-October 31st. Interns will work in one of our community or school gardens for 8 hours/week. Their time will be spent building and maintaining growing spaces, organizing community events, teaching gardening to children, and harvesting with our neighbors.
For 2 hours/week the whole group will come together to participate in a workshop series on leadership development and environmental justice.
Each intern will receive a $2,500 stipend for successful participation in the program. Some travel assistance is also available based on need.
The application closes on March 1st, and applicants will be notified over email if they are accepted by March 10th.

Here is the link to apply:


Last week Summer of Solution Hartford was in Washington, DC attending a January gathering for Grand Aspiration. That week was about LEADERSHIP!!!!! We worked in DC trying to build leadership skills to bring back for our interns in the new 7 month program. Cant wait to get the program stated. Image

Food Security Awards

I was honored to be a part of the moment when Summer of Solution accepted an award for food security. Watching Summer of Solution Hartford Team be appreciated for doing what is right —caring for a community that other people look at as garbage—that is breathtaking. It is honestly very beautiful to see a group of youth (such as my self) enjoy and thrive working in the community—It seems like working in the community is natural to them. I thank Jennifer R. for letting me be a part of this program. It was and is such a humbling experience for me.

-Sonsharae Owens

Power Shift 2013 Pittsburgh

This was my first time at power shift. It was a abstract experience for someone such as my self. A high schooler from Hartford Connecticut. It was one of those memories that you can never forget. I took back so much to help better yet humble my self as I continued on to live my life. It was so comforting to be in a room with positive young people whom made me feel free to be myself.  Whom also felt similar toward the corrupt world as I do.  They inspired me to make an action and not just sit and feel useless. I learned that I have to protect my mother nature and I will do so to the best of my ability. 

-Sonsharae Owens  

5 Senses at Burns!

This fall, we’ve resumed our kindergarten class at the Burns Latino Studies Academy! Their kindergarten science curriculum revolves around learning about the world with the 5 senses, so we designed our gardening curriculum to supplement it.

For one month, I’ve been teaching Burns kindergarteners gardening every Friday. Every time I’m there I’m surprised and honored that playing in the garden with kids gets to be my job! This is what we’ve done so far in our four lessons:


  1. Touch! We started by learning about the garden with our sense of touch. The kids picked leaves from the garden and then made leaf rubbings of leaves with different textures and shapes.

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